Mentoring Program

In 2010, the CCMS started the Mentoring Program for Apollo and Lowman Scholarship Award Recipients.

This effort grew out of the CCMS's continuing interest in young physicians who originate from our area.  Our goal is to return them home so they can carry on our region's strong tradition of excellence on medicine.

The Apollo and Lowman Awards provide a financial basis for this recruitment process.  We want to expand the personal and professional part this program.

The goal of the Mentoring Program is to bring students and practicing physician together throughout their journey through medical school and residency.  This can happen through the mail, over email, by phone, over dinner, in physicians office around our region, and at our CCMS meetings.  Such interactions can:
  • discuss ideas about career choices that may be most needed in our area
  • reveal opportunities for potential medical-business opportunities
  • demonstrate the continuing benefits of practice in our area
  • begin to establish the lifelong relationships new physicians will have with their older and younger colleagues