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Apollo Scholarship


The Apollo Scholarship is a grant awarded yearly to worthy medical students who agree to come to the Cambria-Somerset region to live and practice medicine. 


The Apollo Scholarship was the response of several organizations' recognition of the need to recruit local students to return to our area to practice medicine.  The Apollo Scholarship is part of the Apollo Program whose purposes is to "recognize and encourage the involvement of the medical community in supporting and improving the quality of life in our region. "  The founding organizations of this scholarship and program include:

                    Conemaugh Health System
                    Lee Initiatives, Inc.
                    Windber Medical Center
                    The Community Foundation of the Alleghenies
                    Cambria County Medical Society
                    Somerset Hospital

All monies contributed to funding the Apollo Scholarship are held by the Community Foundation of the Alleghenies at the Medical Community Endowment.   The final decision to award each grant is made by representatives of the aforesaid organizations.

The first awards were granted  in 2008.  The recipients are as follows:
                    John Ashurst (2008)
                    Douglas Weber (2008)
                    Jude Fink (2008)
                    Kevin Shah (2008)
                    David Vasil (2008)
                    John Ashurst (2009)
                    Jude Fink (2009)
                    Kevin Shah (2009)
                    David Vasil (2009)
                    Kevin Shah (2010)
                    Brian Markovich (2010)
                   Joseph Delic (2010)
                   Brian Markovich (2011)
                   Joseph Delic (2011)
                   Krista Kerch (2011)
                    Nicholas Kinback (2011)
                   Nicholas Kinback(2012)
                   Nikhita Dharbhamulla (2013)
                   Alexander Pozun (2013)
                   Steven Tucker (2013)

                   Marie George, (2014)
                   Nikhita Dharbhamula (2014)
                   Alexander Pozun (2014)
                   Steven Tucker (2014)
                   Daniel Holsinger (2014)
                   Donald Miller (2014)

                  Marie George (2015)
                  Daniel Holsinger (2015)
                  Donald Miller  (2015
                  Lee Quist (2015)
                  Zachary Ankney (2015)
                 Shoja Rahimian  (2015)

                Lee Quist (2016)
                Reginald Harris (2016)


The link to the Apollo Scholarship is