Membership Information

Pennsylvania Medical Society              $395.00 (Full Active)                                    Cambria County Medical Society         $380.00 (Full Active)      

Total - $775.00


The Pennsylvania Medical Society and Cambria County Medical Society work together, addressing the many issues facing the medical profession today and preserving the patient-physician relationship.  Both of these strong organizations offer members an impressive list of benefits and services such as:

  • Representing physicians in public venues including the government and insurance companies
  • Providing members with timely information, expert services, and professional support on medical practice issues
  • Advancing public health, public policy, medical science, education and ethics
  • Advocating for physicians and patients

Cambria County Medical Society Benefits:

  • Advocate at the county level regarding state and national legislation
  •  Delegates representing local physicians in voting for resolutions at the Pennsylvania House of Delegates
  •  Promote and encourage social and educational county dinner meetings on such topics malpractice litigation, financial decisions, latest treatments, practice decisions, etc.
  •  Provide Medical School grants through the John B. Lowman Scholarships
  • Co-sponsor the Apollo Program which is designed to recognize and encourage the involvement of the medical community in supporting and improving the quality of life in our region.  The program honors a physician or a family member of a physician for their voluntary achievements in the community.  Also, proceeds are awarded to medical school students through grants, who agree to come back and practice in Cambria or Somerset County.
  •  Physician referral for patients through the county office
  •  Provide members with information of the proceedings and decisions of the Board of Directors
  • Availability of a staffed local office for physician and public inquiries

Pennsylvania Medical Society Benefits:

  • Complete all of your patient safety and risk management CME online, and CME tracker
  • Get information affecting your practice and your patients such as medical licensing requirements and red flag rules
  • Receive expert assistance from practice economists
  • Help an impaired physician stay in or get back to practice through the Physicians Health Program
  •  Member newsletters such as Vital Lines, Capitol Insight, Patient Connection and Intouch
  • Support lobbying efforts on legislation like medical liability reform

 Speak with the volume and power that gets the attention of government and policymakers by adding your individual voice to the voices of thousands of your colleagues.