Apollo Award

The Apollo Award is given anually to a deserving member of the medical community who has been nominated by his/her peers. 
The Apollo Award is part of the Apollo Program whose purposes is to "recognize and encourage the involvement of the medical community in supporting and improving the quality of life in our region. "  The founding organizations of this scholarship and program include:

                    Conemaugh Health System
                    Lee Initiatives, Inc.
                    Windber Medical Center
                    The Community Foundation of the Alleghenies
                    Cambria County Medical Society
The first awards were given in 2001.  The recipients are as follows:
                    Karen Azer (2001)
                    Dr. Earl Shope (2002)
                    Dr. George Katter (2003)
                    Dr. Ferdinand Soisson (2003)
                    Cecilia Cathy Ringler (2004)
                    Dr. William Shalaney (2005)
                    Dr. Jan De Vries (2006)
                    Dr. James Furnary (2007)
                    Dr. Deborah Baceski (2008)
                    Dr. Rudolfo Furigay (2009)
                    Dr. Bruce E. Duke III (2010)
                    Dr. William F.  Pruchnic (2011)
                    Dr. Frank T. Carney (2012)
                    Dr. Magdi Azer, Dr, Loretta Opila and Dr. Jagdish Patel (2013)
                    Mary P. Borkow, Dr. William Hauger, Dr. Roger Morrell, Dr. James Richey (2014)
                    Dr. David Borecky and Dr. Shiban Warikoo
                    Dr. Joel Borkow,  Dr.  Jerry Gray and Dr.  J. Michael Moses

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Oct 13, 2009, 5:06 PM