Ahlers, Paul                                   Emergency Medicine
Types of patients seen:                  Emergency Department
Procedures performed:                 Typical emergency procedures
Services offered                                Emergency care


Ahlstrom, Brian P                       Neurology                       


Anderson, Amy L                       Gynecology    (814) 467-3176

Windber Ob/Gyn Associates

600 Somerset Ave

Windber PA 15963-1331


Armstrong, David C                        Otolaryngology            (814) 262-3950

Ear Nose & Throat Assoc. of Johnstown

348 Budfield St

Johnstown PA 15904-3214


Ashman, George S                     Ophthalmology    


Awan, Rashid A                             Medical Oncology                  (814) 533-0132

UPMC Cancer Center

Medical Oncology

337 Somerset St

Johnstown PA 15901-2541


Azer, Magdi S                                  Thoracic Surgery   

David Bassilly                                    Resident                         

Bencie, David J                               Internal Medicine            (814) 467-3400

Medical Group of Windber Inc

1511 Scalp Ave

Johnstown PA  15904

Bergin, William                        Emergency Medicine

Bezek, Joel A                              Ophthalmology                  (814) 536-5343

Ophthalmic Associates- Johnstown PA

120 Main St

PO Box 580

Johnstown PA 15907-0580
Types of Patients seen:    Pediatric through adult
Procedures performed:   Cataract surgery, glaucoma surgery, eyelid surgery
Services offered:  medical eye exams, visions exams, surgical consultations


Borkow, Joel E        Plastic & Reconstructive  Surgery                      (


Brant, Kristin C                      Otolaryngology                        (814) 262-3950

ENT Associates of Johnstown

348 Budfield St

Johnstown PA 15904-3214


Brzezinski, Sandra A                        Family Medicine                 (814) 948-2945

Budny, Jacob                                    Orthopedic Surgery              (814)255-6781

2 Celeste Drive

Johnstown PA  15905


Bush, Stephen T                              Anatomic Pathology 

Carney, William M                          General Surgery                  (814) 535-1543

CHI Valley Surgeons Inc

1086 Franklin Street, St Fl. G

Johnstown PA 15905-4155

Lawrence Chan                        Resident


Comas, Michael G                      Family Medicine                    (814) 467-9999

700 5th St Ste 104

Windber PA 15963-1313


Csikos, David A                                Internal Medicine                   (


Davis, James K                                   Dermatology


Demayo, William M       Physicial Medicine & Rehabilitation
                                                       Spinal Cord Injury Medicine                   (814) 288-4448

Summit Medical Rehabilitation PC

360 Goucher St

Johnstown PA 15905-3400
Tupes of patients seen:  Neck/back pain, neuromuscular disease, amputee, congenital disorders, any condition impairing function
Procedures performed:  Botox (for spasitcity) intrathecal Baclofen pump management, trigger point injections, joint injections
Services offered:  Comprehensive evaluation pain and rehab management of any disabling condition (minor to catastrophic).  Return to work planning, prothetic/orthotic prescription
Other:  Board Certified in Physician Medicine and Rehabilitation as well as spinal cord injury medicine.  Combine non-narcotic medical management at pain with physicial modalities/exercise/self managaement techniques

Donaldson, Christopher T,        Orthopedic Surgery/Sports Medicine

2 Celeste Drive
Johnstown PA  15905-2832
Procedures performed:  Arthroscopic ligament repair/reconstruction, joint replacement, fracture care

Duke, Bruce E                                    General Surgery                 


Duke, D'Arcy N                     General and Bariatric Surgery                (814) 539-8725

CHI Valley Surgeons Inc

1086 Franklin St Ground Floor

Johnstown PA 15905-4155
Types of  patients seen:  Pediatrics and Adults
Procedures performed: Advanced laparoscopy, gallbladder, hernia, and melanoma surgery

Dumire, Russell                         General Surgery           (814)5398725

1086 Franklin Street

Johnstown, PA  15905


Evans, Hilary                                  Anatomic Pathology

Funkhouser, George R                       Radiology                      


 Furigay, Rodolfo Lazo                        General Surgery 

Glover, Dennis                                   Family Medicine     (814)534-5585

1086 Franklin Street

Johnstown PA  15905

Go, William C                                 Orthopedic Surgery                    (814) 467-4330

William C Go Jr MD PC

1425 Scalp Avenue, Suite 21

Johnstown, PA 15904
Patients seen:  Any
Services Offered:  Othropedic, pain management, arthritis, and medical acupuncture

Goldblatt, Sidney A                    Anatomic Pathology


Golden, Lisa A.                        Emergency Medicine          (724)689-9885
513 Route 259
Ligonier PA  15658

Gray, Jerry L                Internal Medicine/Primary Care   


Gray, Patrick M                        Internal Medicine                       (814) 467-5600

Gray Medical Associates PC

1599 Somerset Ave

Windber PA 15963-1745


Gress, Gordon A                        Internal Medicine


Gunnlaugson, Brian E              Orthopedic Surgery                      (814) 535-6521

Brian Gunnlaugson MD PC

DBA Alleghenies Independent Physicians

321 Main St Ste 3C

Johnstown PA 15901-1632
Patients seen:  All
Procedures performed:  General Orthopaedic Surgery with a focus on adult hip and knee reconstruction surgery
Services offered:  X-ray, casting, splinting


Gurevich, Faina                             Nephrology    (814)266-9919

350 Budfield St, Ste A

Johnstown PA  15904


Gvozden, Phillip D                        Family Medicine                  (814) 475-8700

Fairfield Medical Associates

1 Tech Drive Ste 1120

Johnstown PA 15906-2331
Patients seen:  all ages from two years up
Services offered:  General Medicine

Samir Hadeed                              Internal Medicine    814-619-4587 
Johnstown Heart & Vascular Ctr
1027 Broad Street
Johnstown PA  15906
 Hamaty, Ronald M                      Obstetrics & Gynecology


Harbart, Allison F.                      Otolaryngology                  (814)262-3950

348 Budfield Street

Johnstown PA  15904-3214


Hartnett, Robert W                      General Practice

Harris, Reginald                            Student

Harris, Ryan                                   Resident


Henriques, Errol D       General Practice (Family Practice          (814) 472-6401
519 N. Caroline Street
Ebensburg, PA  15931
Office hours 10-12 Wednesday only (Semi-Retired)

Higbee, Sheetal                            Resident

Hinson, Joshua                            Emergency Medicine                                            

Hoffman, Tamara L                     Family Medicine                     (814) 467-5600

Gray Medical Associates PC

1599 Somerset Ave

Windber PA 15963-1745
Patients seen:  Ages 16 and up
Procedures performed:  Cryotherapy, Joint injections
Services offered:  OMT, Pap Smears


Hunsberger, Charles L           Ophthalmology

Hussain, Ali                               Resident


Hussain, Anwar                        Cardiovascular Diseases                 (814) 539-5340

Johnstown Cardiovascular Assoc

1123 Franklin St

Johnstown PA 15905-4309

Patients seen:  Cardiac Patients

Procedures performed:  Stress tests, Doppler echoes, carotid ultrasounds, Holter monitors

Services Offered:  follow-up care, annual cardiac testing listed above

Hussain, Khandakar                  Resident

Jalal, Zainab                              Family Medicine

1086 Franklin Street

Johnstown PA  15905


Johnston, Lynn C                  Family Medicine                        (814) 534-9106

Family Medical Center - Johnstown

E Building 2nd Fl

1086 Franklin St

Johnstown PA 15905-4305


Kastelic, Richard M                   Family Medicine                        (814) 288-4498

Richard Kastelic MD & Assoc, P.C.

322 Warren St Ste 300

Johnstown PA 15905-3443

Specialty:  Multi-specialty group-Family practice, podiatry, ENT, Gyn, and medical psychology

Patients seen:  Newborn, comprehensive family care, geriatrics

Procedures performed:  Comprehensive gyn care/UroGynecoligic care; Total ankle foot and wound care, comprehensive ENT care, EKG, EEG, Stress Tests, Pulmonary function, external counter pulsation (ECP) - Full Podiatry services

Services offered:  Family Practice Services:  Chronic Disease Management (Diabetes, Hypertension, etc), Well child and adult exams, EKG's, Minor skin procedures, Acute care of childhood and adult illnesses and injuries, School/sport/camp/work physicials, Care of skin disorders (e.g. rashes, acne, eczema), Well woman care (PAP smears, cardiovascular health, health maintenance), Men's health care, Pulmonary disorders (e.g. emphysema, asthma, pulmonary function testing), Endocrine disorders (e.g. diabetes, thyroid, osteoporosis, lipids, etc.), Cardiovascular disorders (e.g. high blood pressure, coronary artery disease, etc.), Gastrointestional disorders (e.g. esophageal reflux, constipation, divertivculosis, etc.), Immunizations, Referrals to other physicians as needed, Nuclear cardio stress tests and echocardiograms, Full service laboratory services and EKG's, Reclast infusion, Clinical trials

Imaging Services:  X-rays, Ultrasound, Vascular Ultrasound, Mammography, Bone Density and PIXI scans

Podiatry Services:  Total ankle, foot and wound care, Specialized surgery, Diabetic foot care, Injuries to bones, tendons and soft tissue, Therapeutic shoe center

GYN Services:  Gynecologic and UroGynecologic Care, Office Gynecology, Menopausal Management, Gynecologic Surgery, Pelvic Floor Reconstructive surgery, Urniary Incontinence Treatment

ENT Services:  Ear, Nose and Throat disorders (e.g. allergies, sinus problems, ear infections, etc.)

Medical Psychology Services:  Behavioral health problems (e.g. anxiety, depression, relational issues)

Kemp, Dewitt E                        General Surgery                        (814) 467-6074

Dewitt E Kemp III MD PC

600 Somerset Ave

Windber PA 15963-1331
Procedures Performed:  Endoscopy Primarily, hernia, gallbladder surgery

Khalid, Shaza                            Resident

Khan, Muzammi                      Resident

Khan, Norman                          Resident

King, Andrew J                        Dermatology                        (814) 536-7045

King-Maceyko Dermatology Assoc Ltd

350 Southmont Blvd

Johnstown PA 15905-2818


Klemens, Robert F                        Internal Medicine

1692 Dewitt Estates Rd

Alpine CA 91901-3059
Types of patients seen:  Adults
Procedures:  Black Lung evaluations

Koh, Enrique S                        Family Medicine                        (814) 472-7933

Ebensburg Family Practice

1100 W High St

Ebensburg PA 15931-1706


Koh, Jeanmarie J A                        Family Medicine                   (814) 749-8624

Ebandjieff Community Health Center

1060 Lloyd St

Nanty Glo PA 15943-1232

Kowtoniuk, Walter V                        Family Medicine                (814) 535-6167

Fairfield Ave Family Practice

226 Fairfield Ave

Johnstown PA 15906-2310


Leonard, Daniel J                 Internal Medicine                  (814) 472-4140

Fci Loretto

PO Box 1000

Loretto PA 15940-1000

Magley, R Scott      Emergency Medicine/Sports Medicine /Primary Care
                                                                                                             (814) 472-7320

Magley Family Practice

1100 W High St

Ebensburg PA 15931-1706
Patients seen:  Family


Maharajh, Balkissoon A               Internal Medicine                (814) 536-9715

Banmaha PC

Level A

1015 Franklin St

Johnstown PA 15905-4110


Malicki, Mark M                        Family Medicine                   (814) 288-4498

Richard Kastelic MD & Assoc

322 Warren St Ste 300

Johnstown PA 15905-3443

Malik, Mohammad                    Resident

 Mall, Albert K              Obstetrics & Gynecology  

Maniunath, Kavitha       Family Medicine      

CPG-East Hills Primary Care

1450 Scalp Avenue

Johnstown, PA  15904                  

Maravalli, Camille J                    Ophthalmology                   

Marley, Kim                              General Surgery        

600 Somerset Avenue

Windber PA  15963

Marwat, Asghar                     Resident

Mastrine, Lou                          Cardiovascular Disease   (814)539-5340

1123 Franklin Street

Johnstown  PA  15905


McKendree, James E               Family Medicine                        (814) 288-4498

Richard M. Kastelic MD & Associates

322 Warren St Ste 300

Johnstown PA 15905-3443

Mehmood, Hassan                 Resident

Miller, Donald                         Resident

Morgan, Owen K                        Ophthalmology

Morissey, Shawna                    General Surgery  (814)534-1650

1086 Franklin Street

Johnstown PA  15905


Mulcahy,  Conor Joseph         Internal Medicine  (814)467-5600

Gray Medical Associates PC

1599 Somerset Avenue

Windber PA  15963-1745 

Nahouraii, Richard         Trauma Surgery, General Surgery, Surgical Critical Care  (814)539-8727

Conemaugh Physician Group-Surgery

Good Samaritan Bldg.

1086 Franklin Street

Johnstown PA  15905  

Nathaniel, Cyril                     Cardiovascular Diseases                (814) 534-5042

Laurel Cardiology PC

Wessel Bldg Level D

1015 Franklin St

Johnstown PA 15905-4110 

Olalere Adewale A.                 Pulmonary Disease      (814)535-5864
Alleghenies Independent Physicians
Suite 4A
321 Main Street
Johnstown PA  15901-1632

Opila, Loretta A                        IM (Emergency)                       (814) 534-6242

340 Main Street

Johnstown PA 15901
Patients seen:  All
Oschwald, Charles J                   Cardiovascular Diseases            (814) 539-5340

Johnstown Cardio Vascular Assoc

1123 Franklin St

Johnstown PA 15905-4309
Patients seen:  Congenital and acquired heart disease
Procedures performed:  All non invasive cardio vascular procedures (echo, nuclear stress test, treadmill, carotid holter monitoring, EKG

Paronish, Christopher,       Family Medicine  (814)344-9234

Patton Family Medical Center

142 East Carroll Street

PO Box 597

Carrolltown PA  15722

Partsch, Jonathan                      Student
Patel, Jagdish D                           Internal Medicine

Pickerill, Robert G                        Pulmonary Diseases                (814) 534-9453

Johnstown Pulmonary Associates

1086 Franklin St

Johnstown PA 15905-4305
Procedures performed:  Bronchoscopy and Thoracentesis


Pidutti, Richard W                  Urology                        (814) 534-7800

Laurel Urology

1111 Franklin St Ste 410

Johnstown PA 15905-4342


Pote, Harry H                        Internal Medicine /Nephrology

Power, Thomas                        Cardiovascular Disease          

Price, Richard E                        Occupational Medicine


Pruchnic, William F          Internal Medicine/Endocrinology      (814) 539-7038

William Pruchnic, MD

Medical Arts Building

1020 Franklin St Ste 202

Johnstown PA 15905-4109
Patientsseen:  Endocrine diseases
Services offered:  Priamary Care Physician for diabetes and related diseases

Quist, Lee                           Student

Ramagiri Vinod, Nagadarshini      Resident

Donald Ratchford       Family Medicine
CPG Cresson

Ridella, Peter J                        Orthopedic Surgery                      (814) 535-5554

Valley Orthopedics Inc

1111 Franklin St Ste 140

Johnstown PA 15905-4340
Patients seen:  All
Procedures performed:  Arthroscopic Surgery, Sprots Medicine, Reconstruction including total joint, spine surgery including MTS
Services offered:  Inhouse EMG's on my patients
Other Information:  Satellite office in Ebensbur and Alum Bank

Rodriquez-Feo, Raul                   Psychiaatry

Rogerson, David R                        Otolaryngology               

Rohanna, Christine                           Family Medicine   (814)344-8477

564 Theatre Drive

Carrolltown, PA 15722
Rollins, Paul                                  Plastic Surgery                               (814)534-6750
315  Locust Street, Ste 2
Johnstown, PA  15901-1651


Rundorff, Robert L    Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation        (814) 539-0257

Robert Rundorff MD

16 Rose St

Johnstown PA 15905-4327

Savino, Jennifer                     Emergency Medicine

1086 Franklin Street

Johnstown PA  15905    


Sbeitan, Ibrahim H                Hematoloty/Oncology            (814) 534-9132

Medical Oncology - Johnstown

Ground Floor Medical Arts Building

1020 Franklin St

Johnstown PA 15905-4109


Schenfeld, Louis A               Internal Medicine                       (


Schettini-Prasko, Debra A                Family Medicine                       (814) 743-9003

Dr Debra Schettini-Prasko DO Inc

1555 Shawna Road

Cherry Tree PA  15724


Schilli, Rudolph                   Gastroenterology                       (814) 535-2511

600 Somerset Avenue

Windber PA  15963

Schrock, Wesley                     Resident
Schroeder, Richard D.          Orthopedic Surgery               (814)255-6781
2 Celeste Drive
Johnstown PA 15905-2832


Seeber, John J           Physician Medicine & Rehabilitation             (814) 535-5872

Memorial Medical Center

Downtown Campus

320 Main St

Johnstown PA 15901-1601

Shayesteh, Kamran             Plastic Surgery      (814)534-6750

315 Locust Street Ste2

Johnstown PA  15901


Smeal, William E                Cardiovascular Diseases                (814) 475-8600

1 Tech Park

Johnstown PA 15901-1632


Smoyer, Ronald L                  Family Medicine


Snitzer, Lewis S                        Neurological Surgery


Sobieski, Joseph T                  Internal Medicine

Spencer, Jeanne                     Family Medicine    (814)534-9106

1086 Franklin Street

Johnstown PA  15905


Stefanick, Patti A                 Breast Surgery                        (814) 255-7882

Patti A Stefanick DO

939 Menoher Blvd

Johnstown PA 15905-2838
Patients seen;  Any
Procedures performed:  Breast Surgery
Services offered:  Breast exams and Breast surgery


Stefanik, David            Radiation Oncology                       (814) 533-0185

UPMC Cancer Ctr

337 Somerset St

Johnstown PA 15901-2541


Stenberg, Robert G            Interventional Cardiology                (814) 539-5340

Johnstown Cardiovascular Associates

1123 Franklin St

Johnstown PA 15905-4309
Patients seen:  Practice restricted to cath and intervention
Procedures performed:  Cardiac catherization and intervention limited amount of peripheral intervention
Services offered:  General consultation, ECHO,  Stress testing, Holter, Peripheral non-invasives studies


Stewart, James A                    Emergency Medicine                   (814) 467-3194

600 Somerset Ave

Windber PA 15963-1331


Stover, Donald L                        Emergency Medicine

Kevin, Sugalski                         Family Practice

Richard M. Kastelic & Assoc

322 Warren Street

Johnstown PA  15905


Swansiger, Robert J                  Family Medicine                       


Tatarko, Michael                         Family Medicine                       (814) 749-8624

Ebandjieff Community Health Center

1060 Lloyd St

Nanty Glo PA 15943-1232

Tavares, Joseph        Family Medicine, Anatomic/Clinical Pathology   (814)288-4498

Richard Kastelic MD & Assoc

322 Warren Street

Johnstown PA  15905

Ullah, Asad                       Resident

Ullah, Saad                      Internal Medicine    (814)534-9014

1086 Franklin Street

Johnstown PA  15905


Van Riper, Daniel F               Anesthesiology                      (814) 943-5901

Blair County Anesthesia

1701 12th Ave

Altoona PA 16601-3100


Vena, Vincent E             Orthopedic Surgery & Sports Medicine    (814) 255-6781
                                                            (Board Certified in both)

Western PA Orthopedics and Sports Medicine

2 Celeste Dr

Johnstown PA 15905-2832
Types of patients seen:  All ages and most insurances including work comp
Procedures performed: Outpatient Arthroscopic Surgery (including most shoulder procedures), Sports Medicine, Fracture care.
Services offered in your practice:  On site x-ray and physical therapy.  Satellite office at Miners' Hospital
Special interest, training & experience in shoulder problems

Verma, Devanshu            Internal Medicine

1086 Franklin Street

Johnstown PA  15905


Voytko, Richard E                     Emergency Medicine

Walkowski, Brian                     Resident


Wall, Rod A                        Cardiovascular Diseases                        (814) 535-3561

Johnstown Cardiovascular Associates

1123 Franklin St

Johnstown PA 15905-4309


Warikoo, Shiban K                        Urology                

Warner,  Michael                        Family Medicine (814)471-9005

188 Industrial Park Rd, Ste B

Ebensburg PA  15931


Waseem, Saba                         Internal Medicine                       (814) 534-9104

Internal Medical Clinic

1111 Franklin St

Johnstown PA 15905-4330
Patients seen:  Adults, Adolescent (16 Years)
Procedures performed:  Arthocentesis, Bursal injections
Services offered:  Blood draws, urine dipsticks, prescription shots
Other information:  If admitted, continuing of care as group physcians also follow inpatient admission 


Wehner, Daniel R                        Emergency Medicine               (814) 534-9769

Conemaugh Memorial Med Ctr

1086 Franklin St

Johnstown PA 15905-4305
Patients seen:  All
Procedures performed:  Whatever is needed
Services offered:  All

Werner, Joyce Z                            Anesthesiology                        (

Wetzel, Marie A                          Obstetrics & Gynecology


Wheeling, George H                  Orthopedic Surgery
Wieczorek, J Eric               Family Medicine/Geriatrics               (814) 487-5721

456 Locust St

PO Box 199

Sidman PA 15955-0199
Patients seen:  all ages
Procedures performed:  Minor surgert, sutering wounds, removal of  lesions
Services offered:  Immunizations of all age groups (children age five and up)

Wilson, Michaeleen               Family Medicine
Ebandjieff Community Health
1060 Lloyd Street
Nanty Glo PA  15943

Wirfel, Lisa Marie                   Family Medicine                    (814) 266-9551

1450 Scalp Ave Ste  3B

Johnstown PA 15904-3336


Wolfe, Judith A                  Otolaryngology                       (814) 535-7107

PO Box 728

Johnstown PA 15907-0728


Wozniak, Richard S                  Family Medicine                        (814) 534-9106

Family Medical Center- Johnstown

E Building 2nd Fl

1086 Franklin St

Johnstown PA 15905-4305

Yardley, Trevor                   Orthopedic Surger

411 Theatre Drive

Johnstown PA  15904


Yerger, John F                        Anatomic Pathology  (814)534-9230


Yokitis, John William        Family Medicine

Yost, Gregory                       Interventional Cardiology
Johnstown Cardiovascular Assoc
1123 Franklin Street
Johnstown PA  15904
Patients seen:  Adults with Cardiovascular Disease
Procedures:  Echo, Stress tests, Cardiac catheterization, stents  
Services:  All of above and general cardiology preventive therapies                       

Zagorski, Stanley, Jr.            General Surgery    (814)539-8725

Conemaugh Physician Group-Surgery

1086 Franklin Street

Johnstown PA  15905

Zeb, Hassan         Reaideny

Zitnay, Kevin              Neurological Surgery     (814)534-5724

1111 Franklin Street

Johnstown PA  15905